Objectives of the School

The objectives of the organization shall be to:
  1. Cater for the moral, academic and spiritual education of Muslim children in particular and the children of other parents who wish to benefit from the excellent Islamic philosophy of wholesome education for molding, enhancing and developing the intellect, physical, moral and spirituality of children for perfect devotion to the service of Allah and humanity;

  2. Offer education and training at secondary and vocational levels in such a diversified and functional manner as to prevent any dropouts and human resources wastage in the system;

  3. Offer guidance and counseling o pupils, towards the fulfillment of their enlightened aspirations an for the most appropriate careers, and to assist eventually in securing rewarding employment or occupation;

  4. Offer remedial training for those with certain deficiencies in respect of chosen career and further education;

  5. Inculcate Islamic practices in pupils, students as well as staff members of the Organization's educational establishments, in strict conformity with the sunnah of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.);

  6. Engage in welfare projects for the needy towards their physical, moral, intellectual and spiritual development in accordance with Islamic principle; and

  7. Ensure optimal utilization and efficient management of resources of educational establishment's and projects, and generate returns on the Organization's investments.