Mahmud College Rebrands Students

1. Rebranding of Appearance
The management of Mahmud Ahmadiyya College recently approved change of uniform for the students. The introduction of this school attire is part of the College rebranding Strategies in line with corporate global practices in educational system.

We are poised to train our students the act of decent dressing that is Islamically compliant.

Meet our students in cute and moderate school uniform.

2. (a) Curriculum Rebranding
The college has also adjusted its curriculum to accommodate the core values of the college and to avail the students the opportunity to harness and unlock the known and hidden potentials in them.

De facto, the college as a matter of policy insists on use of relevant modern textbooks by experienced authors and educationists in accordance with the national Curriculum approved by the National Educational research and Development Council (NERDC).

The management knows that this cannot be achieved without the support of dedicated and seasoned teachers.

Consequently, the college is placing premium on training and retraining of teachers who are the "rebranding agents".

(b) Introduction of Pre-SS1 Class for the JS III Students
Henceforth, our students in JS III will be made to have contact with the introductory part of the major subjects in Science, Humanities and Arts in third term. And upon this, departmental placement exmas shall be conducted to know where the strengths of the students lie in Senior Secondary level. Hence, students will be placed in their conform zone  - Science, Commercial, or Art Department.

(c) Introduction of Foreign Examinations
The college has also introduced IGSCE, SAT/TOEFL, CHECKPOINT, etc.
IGSCE - Meant for students who wish to study in any part of UK and Europe.
SAT/TOEFL - Meant for those who wish to study in the United States (USA) and Canada.
CHECKPOINT - This is the entry point for SAT and it is meant for Junior Classes.